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Underwritten posts

Want your brand featured on The Makeup Dummy? Let’s make that happen!

Writing entertaining copy, taking inspiring photographs, getting content in front of as many eyes as possible. Blogging is a lot of work. And I know so is promoting a brand. Luckily, we can help each other out.

On my website I offer the opportunity to support my blogging activities. In exchange I feature your brand in what I call an ‘underwritten’ post.

I write content I know my readers love to read and share. In exchange I make sure they know this post was written thanks to the support of your brand, with a link directing them to your site.

100 USD

Get a shout out in one of my upcoming post. Your brand’s name will be visible for all my readers. And they can continue exploring what you’re all about by clicking through to your website.


– Clear mention in an upcoming post
– Link back to your website


– You have no say in the content of the article

200 USD

Want to encourage my readers to go to your brand’s site even more? I can write you a post in a related topic. If you’re for example an essential oil company, I can write an article stating ’10 reasons you should be using essential oils’. At the end of the post they see your brand’s name, what you can offer them and a link back to your website.


– Clear mention in a relevant article
– Link back to your website

250 USD

Every post is work. But sometimes it involves a LOT more effort. Finding the right supplies, taking multiple photographs … all of these things take up more time. But with all of that extra effort you get the best quality guaranteed.


– Clear mention in an extra special, relevant article
– Link back to your website

500 USD/year

You’ve struck gold. My most engaging posts alone get up to 300.000 views per year each. You can get a slice of that. You can be in front of the eyes of all of these people by supporting one of these posts for a year.

– Clear mention of your brand in a guaranteed high performing post
– Link back to your website

What does an underwritten post look like?

At the top of the post I let my readers know that this is a sponsored post.

Once my readers have enjoyed the post, they see a paraghraph with your brand’s name, saying:

“This post was brought to you by this brand. This brand has many things to offer you. Check out their website via this link to see what they can do for you.”

If the brand was The Makeup Dummy for example, this is what my readers would see:

“This post was brought to you by The Makeup Dummy. A DIY Blog with lots of fun craft tutorials and Natural Beauty DIY Ideas. Go to her blog to check out her latest DIY tutorials.”

Let’s talk business!

Reach out to me via [email protected] and I’ll answer any further questions you have.

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