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Easy Bubble Bars with only 2 ingredients

The lenghty ingredient list. The unpronounceable ingredients. There have been many things that kept me from making my own bubble bars. Until I figured out this recipe. You only need 2 simple ingredients to make these easy bubble bars. And you probably already have those ingredients somewhere in your home right now.

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Bath Bomb Essentials: Citric acid Baking soda Corn starch Epsom salt Lotion Bar Essentials Cocoa butter Shea butter Coconut oil Mold for bars

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DIY black drawing salve for mosquito bites

Things I like about summer: feeling the sunshine on my face, holiday planning, sitting on my balcony until the sun sets. Things I don’t like about summer? One word: mosquitoes. Pesky little blood suckers. I’m happy to donate some of my blood. And I don’t mind the red bump as much. It’s the itch that’s …

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Hi, Natural Beauty! Welcome to my ‘Best Of’-page. Every Wednesday I publish a new post on this blog. Most of the time it contains some sort of a DIY. Yes, I’m obsessed with DIYs. This blog started as a place to share all my crafty adventures with the world. Hoping I could inspire at least …

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Chai Lotion Bars Recipe without Beeswax

Turn your favorite fall drink into LOTION BARS! This easy lotion bars recipe without beeswax is the perfect vegan alternative for your homemade massage bars. I’ve been obsessed with Chai lattes lately. Everywhere I take a “coffee break” I’m looking for the perfect Chai. A silky foam top with warming spices and sweetened with vanilla …

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REVIEW LUSH Bubble Bar: The Comforter

Lush is known and loved for its bath bombs in every shape and color. And somewhere along the way they taught: ‘we can do even better. Let’s add bubbles.’ Enter the Bubble Bar. It’s been a while since I’ve done a review and to me this is the excellent product to kickstart my reviewing habit. When …

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My Story

Want to work together and make magic happen? Hop on over here. What if you’re addicted to beauty products and turn out to be allergic to all of them? It happened to me, seemingly overnight. A horribly red, itchy rash across my face turned out to be the sad breaking point of fighting eczema for …

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