DIY Beauty: 100 Recipes Inspired by famous Brands
Easy all-natural product tutorials inspired by your store favorites

Make your own beauty, skincare and makeup products with simple, all-natural ingredients.


Inspired by famous store products and brands you're sure to find plenty of homemade beauty items to make for you and your friends!

Available worldwide from every webshop that sells books in your country.


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Make Your Own Natural Beauty Products at Home

With DIY Beautyyou can learn to make your favorite beauty products

from some of today’s most popular brands, like LUSH, Sephora, Dior,

Laura Mercier and many more.


Make your own face mask from scratch, inspired by Sephora, or a homemade version of Burt’s Bees ever-popular lip balm. From bath bombs to rival LUSH

to skin care products like Kiehl's undereye treatment.


These inexpensive inspired recipes include easy step-by-step instructions to help you customize your beauty product routine.


Find popular products that suit your unique skincare needs. Modify your favorites for best results, and choose which organic or all-natural ingredients you prefer.


Why You'll Love DIY Beauty

Easy to follow step-by-step instructions


you can pronounce

Favorite store products made by you

All-natural, chemical free skincare



     Are you ready to make your own Skincare and Makeup Products?


Treat yourself to a DIY Spa Day

with these simple, natural, and affordable recipes

to replicate your favorite beauty products — from bath bombs to cleansing oils — from Lush, the Body Shop, Laura Mercier and more. 



Make your favorite must-have beauty products even better

— by making them yourself! — with DIY Beauty.

This 176 page book contains 100 recipes that will teach you how to make your own:

  • cleansing balms
  • body scrubs
  • lip balms
  • lip scrubs
  • face masks
  • soap bars
  • hair masks
  • body balms
  • bath bombs
  • bath salts
  • and much more


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