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20 Black Owned Natural Beauty Brands You Need to Try

20 Black Owned Natural Beauty Brands You Need to Try

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Following the events in June and the growing black lives matter movement I’ve been doing more research into black owned natural beauty brands.

Initiatives like the 15 Percent Pledge are finally shining a spotlight on Black Owned Businesses.

With this pledge, designer Aurora James calls retailers to match their representation of Black business owners to the Black population of America.

I have to admit that before hearing about the pledge I always assumed that the owners of brands sold by retailers were a good representation of the population that’s buying their products.

Now I realize that this type of white privileged thinking is part of the problem.

As I find equality a very important subject, the BLM movement was a wake up call for me to listen, learn and do better in the future.

I love to make my own skincare products from scratch. But in my bathroom store bought items sit happily next to my own homemade concoctions.

When shopping for beauty products I usually look at the ingredients list, how sustainable their packaging is or what other actions they are taking to make their brand as sustainable as they possibly can.

Usually I skip the ‘about’ page, but this time around I read every single one of them and loved all the personal background stories, how the owners fell in love with natural beauty and how they are contributing to a better world.

Here I’ve made a list of my favorite web shops with black owned natural beauty products that I can’t stop drooling over!

I’ve selected brands that focus on all-natural skincare, using vegan, cruelty-free and/or organic beauty products.

I love supporting small business owners, and I want to help spread the word about these amazing brands.

Because besides from having a delicious collection of good quality beauty products, the business owners behind these brands have their own unique voice and story.

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