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How To Cure Hangover Skin Naturally

How To Cure Hangover Skin Naturally

We’ve all been there. Even if you don’t drink alcohol, a late night out sweating in a dim-lit, badly ventilated room can wreck havoc on your skin. No need to stress though, this guide helps you cure hangover skin using all-natural methods.

Inspired by my trip to Ireland, I wanted to write an article in honor of their unique night life.

With a pub on every corner and live music playing until the early hours of dawn, the Irish know how to have a good time.

But every penny has a back side.

Add a few pints of Guinness to the mix, and a few more after that, and you go from looking your best when you arrive to looking your worst when you walk out the door again.

Several hours of excessive sweating, a heavy layer of makeup on your face and lots of alcohol or sugary drinks are the culprits to blame.

The bags underneath your eyes give away how long it’s been since you’ve pulled an all-nighter.

And your pores take revenge for covering them with heavy foundation and pearls of sweat.

Breakouts, red irritated skin, a puffy face and under-eye bags are, unfortunately, all signs that you had a good time.

Thank goodness there’s a cure for that awful ‘hangover skin’!


7 Natural Cures for Hangover Skin

Taking proper care of your skin before, during and after you go out, can make a world of difference for your skin.

But how do you get rid of that hangover face?

Hydrate: drink water before, during and after

Make sure you drink enough water from the start and continue drinking water after you get home.

Before: Drink a tall glass of water before you go out.

Have a bottle of water sitting next to you while you’re getting ready.

This way you make sure that you won’t just want to quench your thirst with a sugary drink as soon as you arrive at your party destination.

During: Order a glass of water in between drinks.

This habit gives your body some rest in between drinks and prevents dehydration.

After: Have a tall glass of water ready when you get home.

If you know you’ll just hop into bed straight away, place a full water bottle on your nightstand before you go out.

Spray to hydrate your skin

Drinking sufficient water keeps your skin hydrated from the inside out.

But there’s another way you can lest your skin’s thirst.

Mist your face with flower water or purified water.

And yes, you could/should do this before, during and after as well.

Fill a spray bottle with a fine spraying nozzle with flower water or purified water.

Close your eyes and hold the bottle about half an arm length away from your face.

Mist carefully as you make circular motions with the spraying bottle.

Use as much and as often as you feel is needed.

Which flower Water should you choose?

Flower water is a by-product from making essential oils. If you look in the right places there are plenty of flower waters to choose from.

  • Chamomile water can help calm red skin. Here’s a DIY recipe to make your own floral water from tea.
  • Lavender water or witch hazel is best for acne prone and/or oily skin types.
  • Rose water is a delicate choice for those with sensitive skin.

Choose a ‘real’ flower water when buying, not water mixed with essential oils. Artificial fragrances can also irritate sensitive skin.

When to refresh your face:

  • spray your face before or after you apply your moisturizer
  • spray after you’ve applied your makeup to help set it
  • mist lightly in between dances to freshen up
  • use after you’ve washed your face to give your dehydrated skin some refreshment

So far we’ve covered what you can do before and during you go out. But there’s another important question you want to ask yourself.

How Do I Take Care of My Skin After Drinking all night?

Remove your makeup

Make sure you’ve removed all of your makeup before you go to bed after a late night out.

This sounds obvious in your mission to cure hangover skin, but it often gets forgotten as your soft, comfy bed sheets lure you in.

My favourite way to remove a full face of makeup is to use microfiber makeup remover pads.

All you have to do is soak the remover pad in water and then squeeze the excess out.

Next you gently massage your face with the remover pad, as if you’d be using a liquid makeup remover and a round cotton pad.

As these microfiber remover pads are reusable they’re also an eco-friendly alternative to face wipes.

And since they don’t require any product to work, you can cleanse your face with just water.

Tired, irritated skin is less tolerant for fragrances and allergy inducing ingredients than well-rested skin.

I like to follow up with Micellar water to make sure every last trace of makeup is removed. Read more about why I love micelar water here.

Give your skin a thorough cleanse

Now, how do you freshen up after a night of drinking?

After you’ve removed your makeup, make sure to also give your skin some ch needed attention.

Because if there’s ever a time for a thorough cleansing routine it’s now.

Sweat, heavy makeup and dust block your pores.

This second cleanse doesn’t mean you have to reach for a chemical peel.

Your skin is delicate, especially when it has experienced a night of hot flashes and sweating.

Follow with a toner if you feel it’s necessary to remove every trace of the facial cleanser. Next, apply a layer of gentle face moisturizer.

Go to bed with freshly cleansed skin, preferably on a new pillow case.

Simple steps like this won’t just benefit your skin.

No matter how bad the hangover, you’ll already feel more refreshed in the morning when you wake up!

Apply a face mask for Acne

Ah, the next day. You’ve taken your paracetamol, drank lots and lots of water and had your first cup of coffee of the day.

At this point you might feel a whole lot better than when you were hanging over the toilet last night.

But your skin might not recover as easily as your stomach.

That’s why this is the time to treat your skin to a little something extra.

Your main concern will probably be that your blocked pores will start popping up spots.

Luckily you can be one step ahead of them by applying a gentle acne fighting face mask.

Remove the face mask with lukewarm water and a wash cloth and follow with flower water or a toner.

As a moisturizer, pick one that contains hyaluronic acid.

This active ingredient has the ability to hold moisture, making your skin look plump and healthy.

Natural Remedies to Fight Acne

Give your skin some time to breathe

Chances are you’re laying low today with nothing on the agenda except Netflix and chill.

You might not look your best after a few questionable hours of sleep. Thank goodness you can fake it.

Keep your distance from makeup and other face products for a little while.

Here are a few good practices and ideas for the perfect jomo day:

  • Use lightweight, non-greasy face products containing skin-loving ingredients such as hyaluronic acid.
  • Keep your water bottle close and take a sip every few minutes.
  • Follow along with a YouTube yoga sequence or go for a run.
  • Meet a friend for coffee or a salad to dish out about last night.

But most of all, do what feels natural for you.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.