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12 Homemade Beauty Recipes inspired by Delicious Foods

12 Homemade Beauty Recipes inspired by Delicious Foods

A yogurt face mask, a ground coffee scrub, a honey cleanser … using food items in DIY beauty remedies is no hot news. In this list, however, you’ll find homemade beauty recipes with a different ‘foodie’ twist.

Instead of containing food items (albeit some natural ingredients are still food-grade or edible), this overview contains DIY beauty recipes that are inspired BY foods.

That’s right. They are specifically made to look like food items, or are inspired by a certain food item. Intrigued yet?

Before you go any further, be warned. Scrolling down this list might make your stomach rumble (Don’t you always get hungry when you see “food”?). So grab a snack, make a cup of hot chocolate or tea and get cozy.

And, let the countdown begin!

Bath Melt ‘Cookies’

It’s dangerous to leave these bath melts out on platter, because someone might actually take a bite! Despite their appearance these are not for eating. But they will make your bath water smell like chocolate heaven!

Hot Cocoa Bath Bombs

Including a deliciously decadent looking faux frosting! This easy “frosting” is made using just left over bath bomb mix and coconut oil. Add some sprinkles and a cinnamon stick, and it will be hard for anyone to tell the difference between these bath bombs and an actual hot chocolate beverage.

This is such a cute gift idea! How to make Hot cocoa bath bombs with frosting (no meringue powder!). Easy last minute Christmas Gift Idea! DIY Tutorial by The Makeup Dummy

Gingerbread House Bath Bombs

What’s better than a bath bomb inspired by our favorite Holiday? A bath bomb inspired by our favorite holiday Food! Although these bath bombs keep their signature round shape, they still resemble a cute gingerbread house.

Now that it's officially COLD outside I have a few Christmas inspired DIY tutorials planned #ontheblog Starting with: Gingerbread House Bath Bombs! The combination of gingerbread spices and cinnamon oil in these bath fizzies will help keep you warm this winter! #diybathbombs #diyblogger #naturalbeauty #diybeauty #makersgonnamake #christmasiscoming #abmlifeiscolorful #makersmovement

Chai Latte Lotion Bars

From Hot Cocoas to Chai Latte. Whatever hipster beverage you prefer, these homemade lotion bars will sure be a hit with anyone you know. And bonus: this recipe is made entirely without beeswax, so it’s vegan too!

Such an easy homemade gift! These smell amazing and are so easy to make! How To DIY Vanilla Chai lotion bars. Tutorial by The Makeup Dummy

Chocolate Truffle Massage Bars

These single serving sized cocoa lotion bars were inspired by the once very popular Soft Coeur massage bars from Lush. You have to admit. Wrapped in a cute box like this, these butter bars look (and smell) exactly like chocolate truffles.

How to make your own chocolate massage bars - the perfect Valentine's Day gift! DIY by The Makeup Dummy

Cinnamon Swirl Lotion Bars

Another lotion bar recipe inspired by yet another delicious food. This time the honors go to Cinnamon Rolls. One of my favorite guilty pleasures during Fall season.

This is such a cute gift idea! How To make DIY Cinnamon Roll Buns inspired Lotion Massage Bars! Easy tutorial by The Makeup Dummy

Coffee Bean Massage Bars

Another classic lotion massage bar is this vanilla latte inspired recipe. Coffee beans not only add a nice scent. They also give you some extra massage power when you rub the bar over your skin.

These lotion bars smell amazing! How to make your own Vanilla Latte Massage Bars | DIY by The Makeup Dummy

Matcha Latte Bath Bombs

These Matcha Latte inspired bath bombs even have the iconic swirl on top. The green color comes from actual matcha powder, a great natural colorant! Pair with vanilla oleoresin essential oils and your favorite coffee shop drink just turned into a fragrant bath treat.

These look AMAZING! How To make your own DIY Matcha Green Tea Bath Bombs! Tutorial by The Makeup Dummy

Kiwi Lip Scrub

This lip scrub was not only inspired by kiwis. It’s also made with kiwi! This instant lip scrub uses the power of exfoliating fruit acids and the scrubbing benefits of sugar. The cute color and floating seeds is just an added bonus!

DIY easy lip scrub with a surprising ingredient The Makeup Dummy

Virgin Mojito Body Scrub

When you think of a mojito cocktail sans alcohol you basically get sugar, lime and mint. And let that be the ideal combination for a scrumptious body scrub!

How to make your own easy Virgin Mojito Scrub with coconut oil and lime - perfect for summer! A DIY by The Makeup Dummy

Summer Fruit Sugar Scrubs

They might look quirky with their square shape, but you easily detect what summer fruit they were inspired by!

A fun and easy DIY tutorial to make your own salt or sugar scrub cubes that foam because of the soap and are inspired to look like summer fruit, such as oranges, lemons, watermelons, strawberries and kiwis. See step by step how to by The Makeup Dummy

Birthday Cake Bath Melts

These fun, colorful bath melts are a treat on any day, but especially when it’s your Birthday!

Hungry yet?



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