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15 Homemade Beauty Products with Essential oils

15 Homemade Beauty Products with Essential oils

Essential oils have gained so much popularity over the last few years. And with it the recipes for homemade beauty products with essential oils seem to have exploded.

Because lets face it, once you’ve decided to purchase that 2 ounce bottle of essential oil you want to put it to good use.

Essential oils are not just for aromatherapy. Yes, the beneficial qualities of essential oils are often linked to their smell. Their particular scent triggers your brain to have a certain reaction. Lavender for example will help your mind relax. While the scent of citrus and peppermint wakes you up.

If you’re unsure about what brand of essential oils you should invest in, this guide gives a thorough review of 11 companies and includes extensive lab testing.

Their unique scent is exactly one of the reasons why essential oils work so well in homemade beauty products.

We like our skincare and beauty products to smell good, to make us feel a certain way when we wear it on our skin. And instead of using artificial fragrances, essential oils make the perfect all natural alternative.

Essential Oil Benefits in Skin care

But that’s not all. Think of essential oils as a very concentrated, powerful form of the material they are made of. Herbs, plants and flowers are often used in skincare for the benefits they can have on your skin.

The same properties are also attributed to their essential oil form. Chamomile essential oil for example is often added to creams and lotions for its calming and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. Tea tree on the other hand is used for its anti septic properties.

Add to this that essential oils should never be used undiluted on your skin, and you have a great reason to start adding them to your DIY skincare list.

Essential oils work in a wide variety of beauty products. When used at the proper dilution rates, they can really take your homemade creations to the next level.

They make every recipe customizable, so you can add a personal touch to your DIY beauty products. Or they give your products that all natural boost to tackle your skin problems.

When To Use Essential Oils in Skin care

My favorite beauty products to include essential oils are:

  • Body Moisturizing Products, like body lotions
  • Exfoliating Products, like body scrubs
  • Bath Products, like bath salts and bath bombs
  • Sprays, like pillow mists

Even though this list makes up the bulk of beauty products you’ll make when you start to DIY your skincare routine, there are a few exceptions for me.

Recipes where I prefer not to add essential oils are:

  • Lip Products, like lip balms and lip scrubs
  • Eye Products, like under eye creams
  • Face Products, like serums and face masks

I know that not everyone will agree with me on this list.

You will still find plenty of homemade lip and face product recipes online that use essential oils. That doesn’t necessarily make them ‘bad’. It’s just a personal choice.

A lot of drugstore and high end brands actually also include essential oils or other fragrance ingredients in their products. But that’s also why I started having eczema break outs. And eventually got into making my own beauty and skincare products.

Now I avoid store bought products for these areas all together. I can’t remember the last time I use a store bought lip balm!

The delicate area around your eyes and lips will react extra sensitive to powerful ingredients like essential oils. If you’ve used (homemade) products with a small percentage of essential oils before and didn’t react to them, feel free to keep using them. Although I do still recommend to patch test first.

Face products are a grey area for me. The skin on your face is also very delicate, and when you apply a face serum or face mask for example you’ll still come pretty close to those sensitive lip and eye areas.

Benefits for your Skin

At the same time the unique properties of essential oils can be very beneficial for the skin on your face. Geranium and ylang ylang essential oil for example are typically used to balance the oil product of your skin.

If you want to learn more about which essential oils have a positive effect on your skin, you can check out this article about 10 essential oils for skin care and their benefits.

When you want to use essential oils in face products, always use them in low percentages. Typically only 0.5 % of the total product should be made up of essential oils.

For body and bath products that percentage is a little higher. Typically 1 to 2 % is added, depending on how sensitive your skin is.

DIY Beauty Products made with essential oils

Maybe you’ve already made a few beauty recipes with essential oils. Or you’re a newbie that can’t wait to start making your own skincare products.

Anywho, you’ve come to the right place.

To help you on your way I’ve made a list of my 15 favorite DIY skincare recipes where essential oil is the star ingredient.

DIY Beauty Products with Essential Oils

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