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Eco friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas

Eco friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas

So you’ve spotted the perfect Christmas gift. Or maybe you’ve carefully made a handmade gift from scratch (Check out my Homemade Holiday Gift Guide here for inspiration).

No one says your packaging can’t look just as amazing as your Holiday gift!

That crisp glossy paper wrapped present with the big bow might look pretty underneath your Christmas tree. But when the hour has struck to open gifts, you know that paper will just be shredded to bits and end up in a sad pile on the floor.

This year you might be looking for more environmentally friendly packaging to wrap your Holiday Gifts in.

Here are a few eco friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas I’m sure whoever gets your present will be delighted to receive!

Upcycle a plain paper bag

A lot of stores hand out these classic paper bags with your purchase.

These brown paper bags make the perfect blank canvas for a cute design.

Go rummaging through your cupboards to see what you have lying around.

Scraps of fabric, cardboard, buttons, ribbons, pompoms, whatever you can find. Use your imagination to turn the plain paper bag into a red nose reindeer or a unicorn for example.

Re-purpose jars and containers

There are tons of packages that – once the content has been used up – can be used as packaging again. Like a tall glass jar for example.

Thoroughly clean the jar before using it again.

Give the lid of a glass jar a facelift with some leftover fabric scraps and it can rival any Mason jar.

You can even make it part of your gift, like this DIY Bath Bomb Kit in a Jar.

Think of all the types of themed jars you can make!

Use your creativity and keep an eye out for other types of containers, like Holly from A Baker’s House who turns Pringles cans into cookie gift containers.

Recycle paper into wrapping paper

Paper is, well, paper, wouldn’t you agree?

You don’t have to snag up that glossy roll of stenciled wrapping paper they conveniently placed next to the checkout counter, screaming at you to pick it up for ‘just 99 cents’.

Paper is paper. Plain and simple.

Wrap your Christmas presents in old newspapers instead. Pick out the best sections, that means the ones without the breadcrumbs and coffee stains. (Unless that’s the look you’re aiming for).

Choose a sports page for a sports fan, a collection of comics for that person who appreciates a good laugh, or a crossword puzzle for added entertainment value.

Other options are old or vintage magazine covers, or a page from a notebook you’ve written or doodled on.

Wrap in pretty fabric

A more durable and sustainable material as opposed to paper is fabric.

Find a nice piece of fabric or even a scarf to wrap your present in.

Release your inner Furoshiki skills and wrap the fabric around your present. This will instantly make it look picture perfect!

If you have some sewing skills you can make a fabric pouch following this tutorial from Sarah Cook.

You can even go one step further and make a drawstring bag with this tutorial.

If you’ve used a plain colored fabric, you can add a fun design to it. You can make your own unique designs by stenciling the fabric with a handmade pattern.   

A cute stenciling idea is this sponge technique from confessions of an overworked mom.

Or you can find some more creative fabric stenciling ideas in this post.   

This list is AMAZING! DIY Gift Ideas for Mother's Day Gift: craft ideas and what tot buy - Gift guide by The Makeup Dummy

Happy Holidays everyone!

May you like all the gifts (and their packaging) you receive this year!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.