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21 DIY Bath Gift Ideas for Vegans

21 DIY Bath Gift Ideas for Vegans

Not sure what to give your vegan friends this Holiday season? Show them you care, and make a personalized handmade gift you know is vegan-friendly. This list of gift ideas for vegan beauty products is a great place to start!

The beginning of November is globally considered as the official start of the Holiday season (I on the the other hand have been excited about the Holidays since August 😁 ) And if you ask me no Holiday is complete without gifts!

That doesn’t mean I want you to spend big. Your gift doesn’t have to come with a huge price tag.

Sure a flat screen tv, brand new smartphone or camera are always welcome underneath my Christmas tree. But secretly we’re all a sucker for a thoughtful handmade gift.

DIY Gift ideas for Vegans

There’s a good chance you have at least one friend that stuck to their last year’s resolution of going vegan in 2018.

When you think vegan your mind probably instantly thinks of food. But it’s not just your Christmas menu that needs to be veganized.

When you choose to live a vegan lifestyle, there’s a good chance you want to go beyond not eating animal products.

It’s not always easy to find good quality bath and body products that are made without animal products, like beeswax or honey.

So show your vegan friends your support with these natural animal product free homemade gift ideas!

Lotion Massage bars without beeswax

Most lotion bar recipes out there are made with beeswax, but you can just as easily make a lushious massage bar using only plant based materials!

      1. Vanilla Latte Massage Bar

        These vanilla latte massage bars smell heavily. The coffee beans that float on top give you an extra deep massage.

        How to make your own Vanilla and Coffee Beans Lotion Massage Bars | DIY by The Makeup Dummy

      2. Coconut oil Lotion Bars

        These individual sized lotion bars are so easy anyone can make them! You only need one ingredient.

        These bars are best stored in the fridge. If coconut oil is liquid or soft at room temperature where you live, use half cocoa butter and half coconut oil.

        All you need is one magic ingredient to make your own DIY Lotion Massage Bars! How To Tutorial by The Makeup Dummy

      3. Chai Latte Massage Bars

      4. Chocolate Massage BarsHow to make your own chocolate massage bars - the perfect Valentine's Day gift! DIY by The Makeup Dummy

      5. Cinnamon Roll Massage Bars

      6. Gemstone lotion bars

Bath Salts

Bath salts are an amazing homemade treat. Not only are bath salts naturally vegan, you only need a handful of all-natural ingredients to make your own.

    1. Geode Bath Salt Melts

    2. Sprinkled Bath Melts

      These colorful bath melts don’t need fancy packaging! They might look too pretty to use, but they make a great solid bath oil that turn your bath water into a luxurious spa experience!

    3. Bubbling Bath Salts

Lip products

    1. No Beeswax Lip Balm

      You don’t need beeswax to make a lip balm! This lip balm can be made with vegan wax alternatives like carnauba or candelilla wax.

      Very easy DIY Vegan Lip Balm Recipe

    2. Vegan Lip Gloss

      If a subtle layer of gloss is more your style, these vegan lip glosses are the way to go.

      How To Make your own vegan beauty products like this pretty shiny DIY vegan lip gloss! This easy to follow step by step recipe shows you how to make a vegan alternative for regular drugstore and high end brand non vegan beauty items. Tutorial by The Makeup Dummy #diybeauty #veganbeauty #veganlifestyle #diygiftideas #crueltyfreecosmetics #chemicalfreecosmetics #zerowaste #homemadebeautyproducts

    3. Chocolate Butter Lip Scrub

Balms & Body Scrubs

Just like lotion bars, balms and body scrubs can easily be made without beeswax.

    1. Coffee Body Scrub

    2. Key Lime Pie Scrub Bars

    3. Unicorn Body Lotion

      This subtle sparkling body lotion is lightweight and leaves your skin feeling silky and smooth.

    4. Whipped Body Butter

    5. Hair Balm inspired by Lush

      This multipurpose balm is ideal to keep those flyaway hairs in check.

      DIY Lush R & B inspired Hair Balm A great Gift | The Makeup Dummy

Bath Bombs

  1. Bath Bombs with Epsom Salt

  2. Geode Bath Bombs

  3. Unicorn Poop Bath Bombs

  4. Bath bombs with cream of tartar

    Citric acid is an obvious choice when you want to make your own bath bombs, and it’s naturally free from animal products. But there’s another kitchen ingredient that gives you a good amount of fizz: cream of tartar.

    How To make Bath Bombs WITHOUT citric acid. This easy recipe is made with cream of tartar. Tutorial by The Makeup Dummy

Tips for a successful Vegan gift

Check your ingredients:

A lot of ingredients that aren’t specifically labeled as vegan can already be free from animal products, like Shea butter or coconut oil. But it’s always a good idea to check the packaging first to see if there are no hidden added ingredients snuck in there.

Go cruelty free:

Score extra points and look out for the cruelty free label. Check if the products or ingredients that you buy are not tested on animals. Here’s an overview of what to look out for when reading cruelty free labels.

Be creative with eco-friendly packaging:

Plastic waste and other garbage are also damaging for animal life and the environment. Fabric gift wrap for example is a great way to go that extra mile.

A list full of fun DIY Gift Ideas for Vegans! It's not always easy to find good quality bath and body products that are made without animal products, like beeswax or honey. This list gives you lots of inspiration to make your own cruelty free and vegan beauty products! #crueltyfreecosmetics #veganbeauty #toxicfreecosmetics #chemicalfreecosmetics #diybathbombs #diygiftideas #diybathproducts #makeyourowncosmetics #diybeautyhacks #holidayideas #christmasgiftideas #homemade #handmade #veganrecipes #plasticfree #zerowaste

Will you be Making your own Gifts this Holiday season?



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