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The office Christmas party: a time for awkwardly casual conversations with co-workers, trying helplessly to avoid the snack table, and yes, ugly sweaters. You don’t have to be bland and boring just to convey composure and poise. This year, shake things up a bit and transform yourself into the bell of the ball with these quick and easy DIY beauty tips. You will be glamorous from head-to-toe, ugly sweater and all.

DIY Beauty Tip #1: Hair

Start with your favorite shampoo and conditioner routine and then move on to the show-stopping main event: your hairstyle. First, make your locks luster and shine with an at home salon quality leave-in-conditioner. You can learn how to make your own leave in conditioner in no time.

Try adding your favorite essential oils for a boost of smell good, plus a hair treatment bonus.

Lavender – promotes hair growth

Ylang ylang – promotes sebum production for dry hair

Cedarwood – helps with hair loss and dandruff symptoms

Next, choose a hairstyle that says: I’m a professional and yes, I’m here to have a good time! 

The Chignon is a simple, elegant, and best of all, super versatile hairstyle that is a classic way to achieve a posh look. This look can be accomplished by a variety of hair textures and updated for a variety of events. Seventeen magazine online has wonderful examples of how the chignon can this look be achieved with diverse hair types.

A pompadour is a classic go-to style that can be dressed up or dressed down. No matter the venue or office politics, you can find your perfect look at

Soft curls are always a welcome way to convey fab and chic. Wear your curls up or down, soft and bouncy or in tight ringlets for an instant hairstyle win.

DIY Beauty Tip #2: Makeup

Experiment with shades and tones before the party to prevent any potential Halloween level makeup disasters. Aim for soft tones and a clean look. Keep your makeup style classy by using lighter tones on your eyes, and dramatic tones on your lips. 

DIY Beauty tips about hair, makeup, nails and outfits for a fabulous office Christmas party - written by Olivia Gillmore on The Makeup Dummy blog

DIY Beauty Tip #3: Nails

Let’s face it, we’re at our best when we have a great manicure and pedicure to show off. If you’re short on time (or funds) you might want to consider some DIY nail art hacks. From hiding French manicure mistakes with glitter pens to using toothpicks and masking tape to make fun, festive designs, creating your perfect mani/pedi at home has never been easier.

The options don’t stop there, you can use a variety of tools that you may have lying around the house to create unique nail art designs. Try making patterns using stencils, straws bobby pins, and even band-aids. You can create unique textures using tape, netting, and glitter. 

For a faster and equally elegant option, neatly trim your nails, buff them and finish the look with a coat of clear matte nail polish. Your nails will have a posh and professional look to compliment any office event.

DIY Beauty tips about hair, makeup, nails and outfits for a fabulous office Christmas party - written by Olivia Gillmore on The Makeup Dummy blog

DIY Beauty Tip #4: Fashion

Finish your look with the perfect show-stopping outfit. Even if you’re wearing an ugly sweater, you can pair it with a pencil skirt for an office look or a pair of pixie pants and booties for a more relaxed look.

Check your closet for items you have not worn in a while and pair them with your favorite after-hours wardrobe piece. Buying a new outfit is not necessary when you use equal parts imagination and daring. 

This guest post was written by Olivia Gillmore from She is a blogger from San Diego with an affinity for beauty and DIY hacks. Besides her passion for writing, she is in love with Asian food and she hopes that one day She’ll have the chance to travel the world.

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