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DIY Glitter Emoji Hair Clips

DIY Glitter Emoji Hair Clips

Last week I shared an amazing tutorial on how to make your own soap sprinkles. The awesome idea came from Mollie of the Molliepop blog and it was part of a collab we did.

We each made a blog post for each other’s blog and published it on the same day.

When you’ve visited Mollie’s blog you know she likes color and fun designs. That’s how I got the idea to make these Emoji inspired hair clips.

I’ve shared a similar DIY tutorial on this blog before, for those of you who remember my DIY Summer Fruit hair clips.

I still had quite some glimmer paper left over from this DIY and ever since I made these last summer I knew I wanted to make an emoji inspired version as well.

At first I thought of doing all the (or at least my favorite) face emojis. But since I let this post idea linger somewhere at the bottom of my blog post planner a lot of new emojis have popped up since.

It all happened so fast. All of a sudden you had an emoji for every food you can imagine. A full blown rainbow at your disposal.

And do you remember when the poop emoji turned pink exactly?

  • What I used:

    Glimmer Paper
    Heavy duty glue
    Hair clips

  • Check out the full tutorial on Molliepop.

    I decided to keep the face emoji with the heart eyes, because it’s such a classic. And it’s not that difficult to make, actually.

    I just HAD to include a poop emoji in there, but I didn’t have any brown glimmer paper. That turned out to be a very good thing actually, because I DID have plenty of pink glimmer paper!

    The rainbow glitter enoji was actually the hardest one to make. I layered different colors on top of each other and then cut out the rainbow shape. Note: you will need some seriously sharp scissors to cut through 4 layers of glimmer paper.

    This is such an adorable craft idea! How To make your own DIY Glitter Emoji inspired Hair Clip Accessories by The Makeup Dummy

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    This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.