17+ Fourth of July DIY Party Ideas for the best time ever

Kickstart the summer with a smashing 4th of July Party! It’s a great time to get together with family and friends, enjoy the sunshine and unwind. Here are few ideas to throw the best party of your life. Expect a lot of red, white and blue in this list!

4th of July decorating ideas

Set the mood for your party with the right decorations. You can go all out and turn everything red, white, blue, starred and striped. Or you can go for a more subtle look with a few accents. Personal I think the right touches here and there can really set the ambience without it being in your face all the time.

I love the whole look of this table, but the tutorial you’ll find on tell love and party is for how to make this gorgeous looking garland! She made the fringe tassels with tissue paper. She has a very easy how to description on her blog if you want to make your own.

You can find lots of cute bunting tutorials on Pinterest. Don’t feel like DIYing EVERY-THING for your party? You can just as easily buy a garland through Amazon.

Another creative idea to dress up a room is with balloons! I love this less literal take on a fourth of july design by Rebecca from the crafted sparrow. She uses acrylic paint to paint her pattern on the outside of the balloons.

Let’s move on to our table. Head on over to hadleycourt.com for some serious – out-of-this-world – tablescape goals.

Recreate your own take on this chic look with these star spangled paper plates.

4th of July Food and Drinks

Decorations aside, We all know the fourth of July is actually about the food. A watermelon pizza makes a great appetizer or dessert. For a sweet option, follow this delicious recipe on what moms love.

To serve as a side dish top your watermelon with some feta and mint, like this recipe from running with a skirt.

On to the main course. A classic hot dog is a quick and easy recipe all of your guests will enjoy. Especially if you serve them in these cute hot dog trays! Get the free printable over at the house that lars built. Aren’t the balloon photo prop hot dogs equally as adorable by the way? These are perfect to dress up your hot dog station!

As the perfect host you obviously know all about your guests needs and requirements. Make sure you have gluten free buns, paleo sauces and vegan options on your menu. This delicious looking veggie dog will convince even the thoughest of carnivores. You can find the recipe on plant-tribe.com.

Add another personal touch to your dishes by adding these handmade frilly firecracker sticks. The easy to follow tutorial can be found on one charming party (what’s in a name).

Next up are drinks. For the adults, serve up this red, white and blue sangria from gimme some oven. To make a non-alcoholic version you can make the recipe with water instead of alcohol for a flavored refreshing water drink that all ages will enjoy!

To finish the party look add some stars and stripes paper straws.

You can of course also DIY in your own cute stir sticks. These cocktail stir sticks on the freutcake blog look just as cute as the cocktail they are in. The tutorial contains the recipe for the cocktail as well.

Looking for a healthier take on the classic popsicle for dessert? These coconut water berry popsicles look just as pretty as they look yummy. Find the recipe on back to the book nutrition.

4th of July Party Favor Ideas

Great 4th of July party favor idea! How To make your own DIY Soap Play Dough Bars. Tutorial by The Makeup Dummy

Don’t let your guests leave empty handed. Sure, they’ll probably leave with plenty of leftovers, great memories and potentially a hangover. But it’s always nice to end the evening with a gift. That way every time they use it or look at it, they will be reminded of the fun they had! These soap clay bars are made with 2 simple ingredients and can be made in minutes!

These patriotic confetti poppers by Lindi from love the day keep the party going! Scatter a few around your table to use around midnight, or add a few to your goodie bag.

DIY 4th of july bath bomb party favor gift idea | Tutorial by The Makeup Dummy

Another handmade gift that’s always a winner is a DIY Bath Bomb. Red and white stripes with a blue base and white stars makes the patriotic theme complete.

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