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DIY Mini Cactus Pin Board

DIY Mini Cactus Pin Board

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I did the impossible.

I killed a cactus.

Not in an active ‘I pulled the trigger’ kind of way.

But in a slow ‘no one saw it coming’ kind of way.

My weapon of choice: too much water. Ironic, I know.

Before I knew it the cactus that once stood proud on my living room cabinet now looked flat and dessicated. Like a deflated balloon.

Not a very happy way to start a DIY tutorial. I’m sorry.

But there’s an upside to every story.

In memory of my once beloved cactus I replaced it with one that I can’t possibly kill!

What I used:

  • 2 round cork coasters – Get them here
  • scissors
  • green paint (optional) – Get it here
  • sewing pins – Get it here
  • small white flower pot – like this

  • I made this cute little pin board from 2 round cork coasters.

    Cut a slot in both of them. Make sure they are the same size. The slots should be as wide as the side of the coaster and go all the way up to the middle.

    You can leave the cork bare for a minimalistic look or paint them to give them a little more whismy, like I did.

    I used green paint to color the entire coaster on all sides. To paint on the faux needles I used a darker green. Wait for the paint to dry before you assembly your pin board.

    Such a cute idea! How To DIY Cactus mini pin board from cork coasters. Tutorial by The Makeup Dummy

    Slide one slot inside the other and keep pushing until you have a sphere. When you look at it from the top it should look like cross.

    Place on top of a little pot or vase. Pin a few pins in the cork cactus so it’s ready for use.

    Such a cute idea! How To DIY Cactus mini pin board from cork coasters. Tutorial by The Makeup Dummy

    Whenever you have a stroke of genius, want to leave a sweet note for someone special or just CAN NOT forget something, you can write it down and pin it to your mini Cactus Pin Board!

    If you like this DIY then don’t forget to put a pin on it! 😉

    Sharing is caring!

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