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How To Become a Better Blogger

How To Become a Better Blogger

Having a blog seems simple. You write a blog post and hit publish. Easy.

But if you want your blog to really stand out, you need to know where you can make the difference.

These tips right here have helped me grow as a blogger. Find out how to make them work for you too!

Listen to podcasts

Instead of having a playlist on repeat, my phone is filled with podcasts. They’re a great way to multitask. Whenever I’m walking somewhere or travelling somewhere I plug my headphones in and hit play on a new podcast.

There are lots of great podcasts out there that can help you become better at blogging: from SEO tips to social media tricks. I really like the podcasts from smart passive income and the fizzle show.

Lately I’ve also discovered the podcasts from girlboss radio. They are a real source of inspiration for me. During these sessions Sophia Amoruso from Nasty Gal interviews fellow lady entrepreneurs about their path to succes.

First I only listened to interviews with bloggers to see what tips and tricks I could use for my blog. But I’ve noticed that pretty much every story is inspiring in some way. Keeping up with your growing blog is a lot like being a lady boss if you think about it.

Go offline

Sometimes you just need to click that shut down button and unwind.

At times I feel like I live online. From writing a new blog post to taking a scroll down Pinterest or reading other blogs, it feels like you never need to leave the internet.

But I find most of my inspiration for new post ideas while I’m out and not thinking about blogging at all.

A book for example can also be a great resource outside of the world wide web. It’s a different experience all together and often provides a different point of view. My most recent read was The Million dollar blog. Especially the stories from succesful bloggers in this book were really inspiring.

Such a creative and fun idea! This homemade packaging is so beautiful and original! How To make your own DIY creative fabric gift wrapping with stamps for Christmas or the Holidays! Tutorial by The Makeup Dummy

A good fictional book or even an autobiography from someone you admire can be a great way to relax and clear your mind too.

Take your time

I’ve said this before in my Truths about Blogging post: it takes time to build a blog.

Everybody starts small. I’ve noticed that it takes about 100 posts until you can really see what posts work with your audience and what areas need work. The real challenge is to keep going and still be there a few years from now.

Being able to track your progress and look at your achievements is what makes being a blogger so much fun.

What’s your best tip for fellow bloggers?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.