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The only drugstore product I put on my face

The only drugstore product I put on my face

For me there’s the time before natural beauty remedies and the time after.

Before was marked by eczema flares and oily t-zones. After introduced the era of balanced, healthy skin heaven.

Needless to say I’m never going back again.

There’s only 1 drugstore staple that has earned a permanent spot in my everyday skin care routine.

A magic clear liquid.

Ok, so it’s water. I buy water at the drugstore and put it on my face.

But not just any water. O, no.

Micellar water.

Translation: a soft water that contains micelles.

Micelles are tiny oil molecules that have the amazing property to both cleanse and hydrate your skin.

Every evening I soak a cotton pad with miccelar water and cleanse away any makeup, oil, dirt and just the outside world in general off my face.

The micelles attract makeup and dirt and keep them stuck to your cotton pad.

Only the toughest of waterproof mascaras can withstand the force that is micellar water. But for that I have my DIY coconut oil makeup remover pads.

Micellar water is the most gentle possible way to cleanse your face, and at the same time your face feels clean and brand new afterwards. WINNING!

There was a time micellar water was only available from pharmacy brands, with Bioderma Sensibio as their queen.

It took a while before cheaper drugstore brands picked up on this skin care revolution.

But now these brands can’t NOT sell micellar water.

And now the likes of Garnier, L’Oreal and Simple came out with their own.

I’ve tried most of these brands and I’ve found the quality of the cheaper brands to be just as good. Micellar water IS micellar water in the end, you can’t do much wrong with that. I only recommend buying the pure stuff. Any additions are completely unnecessary if you have the right skin care routine.

I use micellar water as a cleanser at night and, when I feel like it, to cleanse my face in the morning.

Along with cleansing your face, micellar water is also said to moisturize. It definitely hydrates the skin, but I still like to use an oil based moisturizer after. Check out my guide to find the best oil for your skin type.

I use it as is, but if you have very oily skin I recommend using a mild face cleanser after.

Go on, buy yourself some micellar water the next time you’re at the drugstore.

You’ll love it.

Have you tried miccelar water yet?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.