Easy DIY Holiday gift ideas (aka great stocking stuffers!)

You can never go wrong with a handmade gift.

Or you can. But even if you mess up, no one will have the heart to tell you.

For your girlfriend: the gift of soft kissable lips

Kiwi, chocolate, honey … take your pick from these 5 very easy DIY lip scrub recipes.

DIY Lip scrub recipes easy, cheap & fun! The Makeup Dummy

Make your own easy DIY lip scrub.

For your brother: a new do

A new year calls for a makeover. Give your brother a subtle hint with this homemade hair pommade.

I can't believe it's this easy to make your own hair wax! Tutorial how to make Beeswax Hair Pommade DIY by The Makeup Dummy

Make your own DIY Hair Wax.

For your mother: a touch of pink

Impress your mother(-in-law) with a homemade lip balm/lipstick in one.

How to make your own baby lips colored lip balm DIY by The Makeup Dummy

Make your own DIY Lip Butter Balm.

For your boyfriend: well, basically a gift for you

Surprise the BF with a gift that keeps on giving! In the form of a massage. For you.

How to make your own chocolate massage bars - the perfect Valentine's Day gift! DIY by The Makeup Dummy

Make your own easy DIY Chocolate Massage Bar Melts.

For your sister: a reason to shine

These easy lotion bars have the right amount of glitter for any party. Just in time for New Year.

DUPE LUSH Glitter Lotion Bars - Shimmy Shimmy & black Stockings | A DIY by The Makeup Dummy

Make your own DIY Shimmer Lotion Bars.

For yourself: a relaxing bath

All that gift making has probably made you exhausted. Treat yourself to a relaxing bath and enjoy this DIY Bath Bomb shaped like a comforting bear.

The Makeup Dummy | Cocoa Butter Bath Bomb Bear

Make your own DIY Bath Bomb Bear.

Who will you be making gifts this year?

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