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How to treat cellulite with exercise and food (first guest post!)

How to treat cellulite with exercise and food (first guest post!)

I’m proud to present the very first guest post on The Makeup Dummy! Blogger Monica May from fit girl’s diary shares her exercise routine and diet tips to fight cellulite and look your best all summer long. Check out her blog for some serious #fitspo. And make sure to like and subscribe!

The Actual Truth About Cellulite And The Right Way To Fight It

Do you have problems with cellulite?
I do too!

I am a fitness coach, health and fitness blogger and I work out and eat healthy for over 5 years now…
But I still have cellulite.

Many girls have problems with cellulite, in fact 85% – 90% of women struggle to get rid of it.
But why do even fit and healthy women have cellulite? Isn’t it a result of excess fat in the body?

Sadly, the reasons for cellulite are not always in our hands, since it can appear because of:

– Genetics and skin type
– Poor circulation
– Lack of hydration
– Inactivity
– Bad diet
– Hormonal changes

Having cellulite doesn’t necessarily means you’re overweight, since cellulite can be caused by a myriad of issues that have nothing to do with your weight.

Cellulite has its roots in skin structure, and that often has everything to do with genetics.
Under the epidermis and the dermis on your skin, lies the first of two subcutaneous fat layers.
When this first layer of fat protrudes into the dermis, it causes the dimpling appearance we refer to as cellulite.

So yes, we cannot change the structure of our skin, nor our genetics, but what we can do is decide the amount of fat our body will store and the amount of fat our body will lose.

And since the best way to fight it is with exercise and food, I decided to try and give you the best exercises, the best diet advice and the best tips to finally get rid of cellulite.

So fit girls, let’s get started right away!

Fight Cellulite With Exercise

The best way to fight cellulite is with workout, so if you’re not exercising yet, make start as soon as possible.

What kind of workout? Strength training!

Strength training helps you get rid of the body fat faster, while building stronger muscles and providing better chance for eliminating cellulite.

And the most important thing is that you have to work on your body as a whole piece, not just focusing on certain spots.

There’s no such thing as “exercise for cellulite reduction” so make sure to work your whole body as one piece, stop focusing only on the parts of your body where cellulite shows the most.

A combination of split strength training and a 30 minutes cardio session right afterwards, 4-5 times a week, has been known to help reduce the appearance of cellulite the most.

Regular strength physical activity will strengthen the connective fibres in your whole body, which will reduce the appearance of cellulite, while giving you toned muscles, strong curvy and healthy body.

Fight Cellulite With Food

Cleaning your diet is probably the first step you need to do when you want to fight cellulite.

You have to make sure you eat clean, so that your body starts cleaning excess fat in it naturally.

Starting from fresh veggies and greens, healthy fats (nuts and seeds) to lean proteins (fish, seafood and meat), high fibers (beans and peas) and dairy products.

You should completely avoid any form of sugars and bad carbs, including fructose.
Not only because of cellulite, but you should quit sugar because it is the main reason why many health conditions happen in the first place. Starting from obesity, heart disease and diabetes, the excess sugar in your diet can cause a series of health issues. You should learn that fat is not the enemy – it’s actually the sugar that makes all the problems.

You should kiss goodbye to:
– sodas, drink powders and soft drinks
– breads and grains
– dried and canned fruits
– cereals and instant oatmeal
– sauces and instant gravies
– granola bars
– “low fat” labeled foods
– pasta and noodles

Cleaning your diet out of these enemies, will get you a step closer to a healthier, happier life, one without cellulite.

Fight Cellulite With Water

One of the reasons why cellulite appears in the first place can be dehydration.

Staying hydrated is really important if you’re trying to fight cellulite, because water supports the healthy connective tissue. Drinking water regularly strengthens the collagen in the skin, improves circulation and increases skin elasticity and smoothness.

90-100 oz. of water is a necessity, especially if you’re active.

Also, if you consume a lot of dehydrating caffeine products on daily basis, such as coffee and green tea, you should increase the water intake too. A well-hydrated body will release fluids rather than work hard to hold onto them.

Fight Cellulite With Circulation

If you’re exercising, you’re already providing your body healthy circulation, but sometimes, when it comes to skin issues, we should work on the outside too, as on the inside. And the best thing you can do about that is body scrub.

By massaging or scrubbing the area, you help the body remodel and re-stimulate collagen formation and breakdown, so you’re moving things around a little bit.

The best scrub I have personally tried is coffee scrub. Just mix together 1 cup coffee ground leftovers (or fresh grounds), 5 tablespoons coconut oil (or olive oil) and 3 tablespoons brown sugar.

Caffeine stimulates the dilation while the scrubbing increases the circulation, and coffee itself contains antioxidants, which are proven to increase collagen production.

Fight Cellulite With Acceptance

And last, but definitely not least is the “accepting yourself” factor.
The truth is that even if you do everything right: exercise 5 times a week, do strength training, perform cardio, eat clean, quit sugar, hydrate properly and do daily body scrubs…
…you might end up having cellulite.

And that’s totally fine!

We’re all designed to be unique and that’s what makes us beautiful and special.
Accepting yourself, and being proud of what you did to get there, is the best thing you can do for your body.
Be proud, feel sexy and strong, and you’ll sparkle with confidence, which is probably one of the most beautiful things you can do for yourself.

Focus on being healthy, and remember, cellulite doesn’t define you – you define cellulite!
Rock it out and be proud of yourself!

Well said, Monica! Read her full article on the fit girl’s diary.

Also try these DIYs to fight cellulite:

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Wednesday 27th of February 2019

Just try dermalmd anti-cellulite serum to reduce cellulite I have definitely seen less cellulite on my under upper arms & they look firmer, I feel more confident wearing short sleeve tops now. I have been using it twice a day since Jan.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.