DIY Watercolor Cut off Shorts

Summer to me means cut off shorts. And as much as I love to wear them, I love DIYing them even more. Adding your own design makes them one of kind and instantly more fun!

What I used:

    white pair of shorts
    fabric markers
    bowl with water
    piece of plastic or cardboard

1. Prep your shorts

Tutorial on how to make your own Watercolor cut off Shorts DIY by The Makeup Dummy

I bought a pair of cheap white shorts and cut them to the length I liked. To stop the color from bleeding onto the other side of the shorts I used a piece of cardboard. In hindsight a large piece of plastic would have made more sense. The cardboard does get soaking wet after a while. But it still wordked fine!

2. Wet your shorts

How to make your own DIY Watercolor cut off Shorts Tutorial by The Makeup Dummy

Dip your sponge in the bowl of water, squeeze it so it won’t drip and then wet a small section of your shorts.

3. Draw on your shorts

Tutorial on How To make Watercolor Cut off Shorts with Fabric Markers DIY by The Makeup Dummy

Draw on the wet part of your shorts with a fabric marker. The color will slowly start to bleed.

If the marker gets too wet it might stop working. In that case just hold the markers with the tip facing down for a while.

4. Repeat

How to make Easy Watercolor Cut off Shorts Tutorial by The Makeup Dummy

With your sponge, wet a different small patch of your shorts. Draw on this section with a different fabric marker in a different color. I put some colors close together so they could bleed into each other and sometimes I left a large white space.

If the colors don’t bleed as much as you would like them to you can go over them with a wet sponge once more.

5. Wear your shorts

Watercolor shorts DIY

After about an hour or so you should see most of the watercolor effect but the colors will keep bleeding slowly until the shorts are completely dry. When this side of the shorts seems dry enough, flip them over and start again on the other side.

Let the shorts dry overnight before wearing them. If you used fabric markers you should be able to wash your shorts as you normally would.

These shorts are the perfect conversation starter!

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