7 Anti cellulite DIY Ideas for summer

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Seven easy tutorials to help you get rid of cellulite bumps and get those summer proof legs!

It’s had a rough start but spring is finally here. And with those first rays of sunshine out comes that revealing summer wardrobe. Time to delve into my DIY archive and snatch up some of my favorite body loving scrubs, creams and lotions!

1. Dry body brushing

Easy two ingredient scrub to fight KP (those chicken bumps on your arms) and Cellulite The Makeup Dummy

Dry body brushing is said to help with a number of skin conditions, from spider veins to dry patches. I particularly love it to work on my KP (those chicken bumps on your arms).

Buy a brush that is specifically designed for dry body brushing. Use all over your body to stimulate blood flow. And always brush towards your heart (Toe to thigh and finger to shoulder). Pay particular attention to your problematic areas. 

2. Coco-Coffee Body Scrub

Simple 2 ingredient Coffee and Coconut oil scrub - Gets rid of cellulite and KP (those chicken bumps on your arms | The Makeup Dummy

Check out the tutorial: DIY The Ultimate KP and Cellulite Scrub

What happens when you mix coconut oil with coffee grounds? You get the easiest body scrub in the world!

Caffeine is a magical ingredient to fight cellulite. Go all barista on your scrub and ground your favorite blend of coffee beans. Or take the easy route and buy pre ground like me.

3. Cinnamon Coffee Scrub Bars

DIY Anti cellulite coffee scrub bars

Check out the tutorial: DIY Fight the cellulite Coffee Scrub Bars

A fan of those solid scrub bars? Make your own. The added cinnamon will help stimulate your blood flow. Hooray!   

    Step 2: Moisturize

4. Bronzing coffee Lotion

Get rid of cellulite easy with this easy DIY. Make your own Coffee lotion with coffee grounds and coconut oil! The Makeup Dummy

Check out the tutorial: DIY Anti Cellulite and Bronzing Body Lotion

Not only does this body lotion fight cellulite. It also leaves a nice healthy glow on your skin! The coffee infused oil in this homemade cream gives your skin a nice golden coffee colored tint.

5. Grapefruit Body Lotion Smoothie

How To make DIY anti cellulite body lotion without coffee! | Tutorial by The Makeup Dummy

Check out the tutorial: DIY Anti Cellulite Body Lotion Smoothie

Intrigued by the word smoothie? Or just not a big fan of coffee? There’s a lotion for that!

Grapefruit works just as well at fighting cellulite. Add some grapefruit essential oil to this very easy lotion recipe and you’re good to go. Only 3 simple ingredients needed!

    Step 3: Massage, massage, massage

6. Coffee infused lotion bars

How to make your own Vanilla Latte Massage Bars | DIY by The Makeup Dummy

Check out the tutorial: DIY Vanilla Latte Lotion Bars

Next to scrubbing and moisturizing massaging the skin is an important weapon when you’re fighting cellulite. Use one side of these lotion bars to moisturize and the coffee beans to massage!

7. Cocoa Melting Massage Bars

How to make your own chocolate massage bars - the perfect Valentine's Day gift! DIY by The Makeup Dummy

Check out the tutorial: DIY Chocolate Lovers Massage Bars

Need to persuade someone to give you a massage? Give them these massage bars as a gift!

What’s your favorite DIY?

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