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DIY Galaxy Print Shirt for Star Wars Day

DIY Galaxy Print Shirt for Star Wars Day

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May The Fourth is coming up. And I wanted to make a DIY to support one of my favourite fandoms. The new Star Wars movie has awakened the Force within me. And now I’m obsessed with galaxies and space related crafts!

Are you ready to embark on this DIY adventure?

Star Wars Print Shirt DIY | Tutorial by The Makeup Dummy

What you’ll need:

  • T-shirt – epic Star Wars logo optional
  • Fabric Paint
  • Sponges
  • Old toothbrush
  • Letter stickers (if you’re doing the quote thing I did)

1. Pick your quote

I used foam letter stickers as stencils for my Yoda inspired quote. You can find letter stickers at the dollar store, poundland, euro shop … whatever is closest near you. Or you should also find them at craft stores and, as always, online.

I placed the stickers where I wanted them and then ‘stuck’ them on. I pressed them down firmly with my fingers so they don’t move when I start painting.

How To DIY Galaxy Quote Shirt for Star Wars Day! Tutorial by The Makeup Dummy

2. Create your galaxy

I used fabric paints and some sponges to make my galaxy. Google pictures of galaxies if you’re looking for some inspiration.

Most crafters start with a black base, but I wanted a light, colourful sky. For my first layer I went with a dark blue base. I padded the color on with a sponge, giving extra attention around the letters.

I let the first layer dry for a few minutes and then I added the next color. I mixed red and blue to get a dark purple color for my second layer. This time I only applied the color on in certain areas. For the last layer I chose a bright pink. I only added a few hints of this color.

How To DIY Galaxy Shirt for Star Wars Day! Tutorial by The Makeup Dummy

3. Add a starry sky

I let the fabric paint dry for a few minutes and then created some beautiful stars. This part is very messy, but also very very fun. Take a flat paint brush or toothbrush and dab it in some white fabric paint. Run your fingers over the brush to splatter the paint all over. Aim for your shirt. I recommend wearing clothes you don’t mind getting splattered and protecting any nearby furniture.

Let the fabric paint dry completely and then remove the letter stickers. And your DIY mission is complete!

Check out my other Galaxy inspired DIY:

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May The Fourth be with you!

Are you celebrating Star Wars Day?

How To DIY Galaxy Quote Print Shirt | Tutorial by The Makeup Dummy

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