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DIY Galaxy Bath Bombs with video tutorial

DIY Galaxy Bath Bombs with video tutorial

In a galaxy far far away planets orbit and stars shine bright. Meanwhile, in your bathroom, you’re taking a nice relaxing bath in your very own milky way, created by your galaxy bath bomb.

Watch the quick video tutorial here and follow along with the easy step-by-step instructions.

You can even watch it without sound if you want. Or go to the demo at the end of the video just to watch this bath bomb fizz!

Fun Indoor Activity for Kids and Adults

With these intergalactic bath bombs you can create your own starry sky at home. Keep it for yourself or give it as a Holiday Present to a fan (of bath bombs or sci fi movies a like). These are a guaranteed success!

Creative Craft idea

Making bath bombs yourself is a fun and easy activity that pretty much everyone will enjoy.

Host a ladies night, turn it into an activity for a bachelorette party, a birthday party or even a baby shower.

And as soon as your kids are a little older, they will happily create their own bath fizzies too.

Even though all of the ingredients are technically food-grade, you do not want to eat a mouthful of any of them. Make sure your kids are old enough to understand this.

As Citric Acid is used in its pure powder form, it can be slightly irritating for sensitive skin. Always use utensils instead of your bare hands and consider wearing protective gloves.

If you want to use essential oils, check the child safety precautions first. Not all essential oils should be used around childeren.

The packaging of your essential oil should also provide you with information about the correct dilution rates.

Fun Science Project

Whether you are homeschooling or just looking for an educational activity to keep the kids busy, this is an easy project to start with.

Making bath bombs is based on science. When you mix baking soda and citric acid and then add water, the mixture will start to react and fizz.

Create an entire milky way. Use different shapes and colors to recreate all the planets in our milky way. Line them up in the correct position once they are all done!

How to make your own Galaxy Bath Bombs | DIY by The Makeup Dummy

Basic Homemade Bath Bomb Recipe 

(Scroll down for the printable recipe)

The base ingredients you will need are:

  • 1/2 cup baking soda – Get it here
  • 1/4 cup citric acid – Get it here
  • 1/4 cup cornstarch – Get it here – I used arrowroot powder instead
  • 1 tbsp. oil – I used almond oil – Get it here

Extra ingredients to create your galaxy:

  • food or soap coloring
  • some sprinkles (optional)
  • A few drops of essential oil – I used grapefruit essential oil

Mix your dry ingredients

Put all of your dry ingredients together in a bowl, this is your baking soda, citric acid and cornstarch. Give it a good stir with a spoon.

Add your oil

Slowly add 1 tablespoon of oil while you keep stirring the mixture. I used a teaspoon (3 times in total) and added the oil drop by drop.

This is your ‘wet’ phase and will make the mixture clump together.

Some recipes use water or witch hazel, but when I do this, it starts to fizz right in the bowl. The oil also adds a nice moisturizing touch. Double win!

You can also add a few drops of essential oil at this point. I used grapefruit essential oil.

Coloring time!

Divide the mixture over several (smaller) bowls. Add a different color of food coloring to each bowl.

Start by adding one drop, mix well and then add another. Because the food coloring is water based, again, you don’t want your bath bomb mixture to start fizzing!

First the food coloring formed little specks in the mixture. But if you keep stirring it well it will color the whole batch.

I also wanted to add some sparkles or glitter, but I wasn’t sure what to use.

Makeup glitter is usually made of plastic and therefore isn’t the best option to flush down the drain. That’s why I chose cake sprinkles.

Sprinkles are made of sugar and dissolve in warm water after a while. And I think they add a nice touch! I only added it to the yellow batch.

You can also use biodegradable glitter for the best eco-friendly option.

How to make your own Galaxy Bath Bombs | DIY by The Makeup Dummy

Create your epic bath bomb

You can use any type of mold you like, a star shape for example would work great as well. I like to use plastic Christmas ornaments.

Fill up both sides of your mold with the mixture. Press it down tightly as you go. Fill up each half until it’s somewhat overflowing.

Close up the ornament and twist both sides together. I wrapped a hair tie around it to make sure it stayed close.

I was probably more shocked than anyone that the galaxy bath bombs popped out looking like a perfect sphere.

I pressed both halves together quite firmly after I closed the mold and I even put it in the fridge for a little while.

But I’m not sure if that helped in any way. There’s one important rule though: when you open it, don’t twist!

Just pull it apart slowly with your finger nails. Next time, I’m thinking about coating the mold very lightly with some oil.

When you’re ready to use it, drop a galaxy bath bomb into your bath water. Watch it fizz away and let it reveal its colors, scents and sprinkles.

Now you can look deep into your very own galaxy!

Wrap it as a gift or keep it for yourself and start daydreaming about Galaxy Princesses and Jedi knights …

How to make your own Galaxy Bath Bombs | DIY by The Makeup Dummy

How to Make Galaxy Bath Bombs


  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • 1/4 cup citric acid
  • 1/4 cup cornstarch, or arrowroot powder
  • 1 tablespoon oil, I like almond oil
  • liquid food or soap coloring
  • sprinkles, optional
  • few drops of essential oil


  1. Combine baking soda, citric acid and cornstarch in a large mixing bowl. Stir well with a whisk or spoon.
  2. Slowly add 1 tablespoon of carrier oil (like  almond oil) while you keep stirring the mixture.
  3. Add a few drops of essential oil (optional).
  4. Divide the mixture over several bowls. Start by adding one drop of blue, red and yellow coloring to each bowl, mix well and then add another. Add a handful of sprinkles to the yellow batch (optional).
  5. Take a handful of mixture in the palm of your hand and squeeze together. The mixture should stick together like damp sand.
  6. Fill up both sides of your mold with the mixture. Layer the colors as you go. Press both sides together.
  7. Let the bath bombs dry overnight before taking them out of their mold.


If you don't like to use sprinkles for your bath bomb, use jojoba beads, edible glitter dust or biodegradable glitter instead.

If you like it, than don't forget to put a pin on it!

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If you’re looking for more bath bomb inspiration, here’s an overview of fun DIY tutorials to keep you busy for a long time.

Bath Bomb Tutorials

How to make your own Galaxy Bath Bombs | DIY by The Makeup Dummy

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Kimberly Wilson

Friday 18th of January 2019

Hello I love the tutorial but I don't seem to understand what sprinkles you used and does the food coloring leave a stain around the tub

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Friday 26th of January 2018

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Tuesday 6th of June 2017

I have only 1 mouldy I turn them out onto a muffin tray and let them dry there. It works. I also put food colouring into a spay mister with witch hazel. I add the witch hazel 5 sprays at a time and clench my hands around the mix once it holds together it's ready to press. Love the ideas!

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Sunday 26th of February 2017

Hey, I can't find any citric acid in my stores and for me to order from Amazon would take 5 days, but I want to make them now. can you use anything other than citric acid?

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