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Last month I payed my first visit to the new GP in town.

Her first question: if there was anything she needed to know.
I told her about my stomac problems. She nodded. I told her about the pencilline allergy that runs in the family. She nodded. Then I told her my mother had breast cancer. At the age of 45. She looked up from her desk and put down her pen.

She asked me how my mother was. And I’m happy to say she has now celebrated fifteen years being cancer free.
It’s moments like these that remind me just how lucky we are. I was still young when she was diagnosed, but I have seen first hand how the diagnosis can change you. And I know it takes a lot of bravery and courage to get through times like these.

The next question my GP asked me: if I had considered taking the breast cancer gene test.
The answer: I have.

You see, my family knows a thing or two about cancer. Both my grandmothers were breast cancer survivors. And my grandfather passed away from lung cancer before I got a chance to get to know him.

‘Till this day I haven’t taken the test. I get myself checked out regularly. And I try to eat healthy and have a healthy lifestyle.

The reality is: every woman knows she might hear that dreadful news someday. They say 1 in 8 women have a chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer. And that’s why it’s so important to have a Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Pink October

Amen to that.

Sharing is caring!

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