DIY | EASY Mug Cozy – Upcycle your Christmas socks!

This easy DIY takes you under 5 min. to upcycle your Holiday socks into a chic out and about mug cozy!

A few weeks ago all you needed was a pair of socks to get in a merry spirit.

With their bright green and red colors, their bold reindeer and snowflakes print. And to top it all, they kept your feet nice and warm. If Christmas was a knit, it would be a sock.

Maybe you got them as a gift, maybe it’s a family tradition, or maybe you’re just very prone to in-store marketing (ahem).

Problem is:

you can only wear them for a good month or so before being publicly judged.

Time to turn them into a winter fashion accessory no one can resist!

Make your own 5 minute DIY Mug Cozy - Upcycle your Christmas socks! A DIY by The Makeup Dummy

What you’ll need:

  • 1 Christmas sock – the tackier the better
  • scissors
  • a cute mug

Upcycle your Christmas socks !

    You will need one Christmas sock.

DIY Mug Cozy  Upcycle your Christmas socks

    Cut the top part off with your scissors.

Upcycle your Christmas socks DIY mug Cozy The Makeup D ummy

    Fold your half sock in half. That’s it!

5 min. craft  DIY Mug Cozy Upcycle your Christmas socks

    Get cozy with your mug cozy !

Have fun DIYing!

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