December 14th is not what I personally call ‘last minute’. I have mastered the art of buying gifts on the day or even after the date of the event in question.

But since I’ve seen Christmas themed pins pop up everywhere since august, I felt it’s the right time to post a DIY list of my favorite DIYs to gift to a loved one these Holidays.

The Makeup Dummy | Cocoa Butter Bath Bomb Bear

1. Get on your mother-in-law’s good side with this heartwarming Cocoa Bath Bomb Bear, inspired by Lush Butterball.

2. Make your friends smile when they open their gift to find a blue Shower Scrub, inspired by Lush Rub Rub Rub.

3. Caring Bath Bombs that look manly enough for the guys in your life, inspired by Lush Blue Bath Bombs.

DUPE LUSH Glitter Lotion Bars - Shimmy Shimmy & black Stockings | A DIY by The Makeup Dummy

4. Add some sparkle to someone’s life with some Glitter Lotion bars

DIY Lush R & B inspired Hair Balm A great Gift | The Makeup Dummy

5. Once you’ve given the gift of soft hair, you’ll never do anything wrong in their eyes again. It’s inspired by Lush R&B.

6. Nothing says ‘I care for you’ more than this Caring DIY Face Mask, inspired by Glam glow Super mud.

7. The cocoa butter lip scrub from this series of DIY Lip Scrub Recipes is great to make in bulk, in case you’re all out of gift ideas.

What are your favorite DIY Gift Ideas?

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