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DIY Very Easy Straw Art Necklace

DIY Very Easy Straw Art Necklace

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I’m almost embarrassed to share this with you guys, because it’s just so easy to make! It’s the perfect craft for a rainy day.

What you’ll need:

  • 4 or 5 straws
  • Needle & thick thread
  • Chain or old necklace

Step 1 cut your straws

Cut 6 longer straws and 4 shorter ones. You can use them as is, or spray them in a pretty color. I chose gold. Or be creative and washi tape them!

Step 2 Cut your thread

Cut 4 pieces of thread. 3 ‘shorter’ ones (black thread in the pictures) and 1 longer one (white thread in the pictures).

DIY Straw Art Necklace step I

Step 3 Make your design

Now it comes down to putting the right straws on the right thread.

I used a thick needle to get the thread through the straws. The weight of the needle helps to pull the thread through the straws.

These are the instructions of how I made my design:

Straw Art Necklace DIY step 2

DIY The Makeup Dummy Straw Art Necklace step 3

DIY Straw Art Necklace The Makeup Dummy TMD

Now go all around your design with your white thread until you’re back where you started.

To make your necklace more secure, I went through all the straws with the ends of all the threads. Near the end tie a knot and cut off the excess.

Attach a chain or old necklace to the straws and you have yourself a beautiful necklace!

You look stunning!


Sharing is caring!

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