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Review: LUSH ‘Porridge’ soap

Review: LUSH ‘Porridge’ soap

What is it?

This soap is said to be ideal for sensitive skin. The oats are soothing for the skin and will gently exfoliate, while the orange juice in it should be refreshing and toning.


How did we get on?

There is one big DIY I haven’t ventured on so far: soaps! I like my soaps to clean and care. That’s were Lush comes in. I already cleanse my face with oats, so a mild scrubbing soap for my body with the stuff sounded ahmazing.

It’s a very creamy soap. It lathers up great under the shower. You can feel it’s not stripping your skin, meaning it’s prefect for winter times and dry skin moments. Because it melts like creamy butter, I did use it up quite quickly.

Don’t expect it to be very scrubby. Oats are very mild exfoliating on the skin. Excellent for sensitive skin and daily use. If you’re a fan of the Buffy bars, you’ll probably think this scrub is a joke. I say use them both! Use the soap to cleanse your body and use an extra shower scrub for the areas that need special attention.

It might not be the sexiest soap in their store. It doesn’t have the attitude of Rock Star, the smell of Honey I washed the kids or the fandom of Dirty. But it’s a great substitute for your regular soap. A little bit of moisture. A little bit of exfoliation.

Random fun fact: in French it’s called ‘peauridge’, which sounds like ‘rich skin’. I couldn’t have put it better myself.



– Excellent mild exfoliating soap for daily use and/or sensitive skin


– You use it up rather quickly in the shower


The verdict:

Get it now. Get one for your mother, your sister, your grandmother. Get one for every woman (and man!) in your life.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.