REVIEW | LUSH American Cream Hair Conditioner

What is it?

A conditioner that promises to give you soft, shiny, fragrant locks. It’s said to be suitable for all hair types. Wether you have oily roots or dry locks, it should soften rough ends and keep your hair calm. Whatever that means.


How did we get on?

This conditioner is a perfect example of good marketing. ‘American Cream’ evokes the inner cheerleading, rockabilly in you, with its story about 1950s milk bars, poodle skirts and jukeboxes.

It definitely smells divine. If you like a very sweet vanilla, strawberry scent of course. The scent also stays in my hair for the rest of the day after I use it. So you really, really have to like the scent.

The consistency reminds me of a banana smoothie. You need about the same amount as you would use with a regular conditioner and it spreads out evenly.

This conditioner has everything going for it, it’s just missing one important thing. It didn’t do anything for my hair. At all. No moisturizing, no resolved split-ends. Unfortunately it has failed to convince me to leave regular conditioners behind …


– The name. The branding. The scent.


– It didn’t really do anything for my hair…

The verdict:

Make this cheap and easy moisturizing hair mask smoothie instead!

How to make your own hair mask smoothie with simple kitchen with simple ingredients! DIY by The Makeup dummy

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