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REVIEW | LUSH ‘Ultimate Shine’ Solid Shampoo

REVIEW | LUSH ‘Ultimate Shine’ Solid Shampoo

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I think a solid shampoo bar is a truly and utterly genius idea. Even before I ever used one. Something like this is bound to get the rut out of your shower routine in my opinion.

I’ve seen solid shampoos done by other nature loving, eco-minded companies. But Lush really reinvented the idea, with its pretty colors and glorious scents.

What is it?

A solid shampoo bar that promises to give you shiny locks.

How did we get on?

I bought this at the Lush store in London. Being a UK-brand prices are so much cheaper here than pretty much anywhere else in the world! In hindsight I should have bought the entire store (not THE store, you know what I mean. That would be really cool though …)

Once I got home I cut it into four pieces. When you cut it, it crumbles a bit, which makes you feel like you’re losing valuable product. But it is worth it in the end, because this way the rest stays nice and dry and it’ll preserve better. I wouldn’t mind it if the bar was a bit smaller, if the price followed.

First thing I noticed in the shower is that it lathers up like crazy. I’ve tried rubbing the bar against my hair and rubbing it between my hands. Both methods work great!

What a foaming beauty

What a foaming beauty

When it comes to shine I didn’t notice a big difference. But then again I couldn’t really call my hair dull before. It did make my hair squeaky clean, so it looks healthier all round. I also feel like my second day hair looks more presentable to the world when I use this.

Don’t buy it for the scent though. Just because the smell doesn’t last in your hair after you’ve used it. Unless you just want to sniff the bar once in a while.


  • It’s a solid shampoo bar
  • It foams like crazy. Meaning you don’t really need much. Meaning it’ll last a really long time.
  • It made my hair squeaky clean.


  • It lasts a really long time 🙂 I wished I had used up more by now, so I could go get me a new solid shampoo bar to try!
  • The scent doesn’t stay in your hair.

The verdict:

If you’re as excited as me to try a solid shampoo and are curious how shiny your locks can get: BUY IT!

More reviews coming up!

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