DIY Mother-in-law approved Lace Ripped Jeans

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Thank god ripped jeans are in right now.

What start as a tiny loose thread often evolves into a big tear when it comes to my jeans.

Unfortunately not everyone agrees these are on trend.

Adding some lace to it makes them the ideal fit to wear to work, or to that dinner with your parents-in-law.

I had quite the challenge with my jeans, since they have a tear on the knee. The trick is to bend your knee while you pin it.

Pin lace ripped jeans

Now it’s time glue or sew your lace onto your jeans. Turn your jeans inside out and follow with your glue or thread along the edges, leaving the pins in. Sewing it will make it sturdier, just make sure the thread is the exact same shade as your jeans. Or go bold and use contrasting stitches!

Wait for the glue to dry or tie a knot in your thread, and there you go! Some beautiful upcycled ripped jeans!

These jeans are perfect for those not so warm summer days.

Have fun DIYing!

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  1. Zakiya 20 February 2015 at 03:32

    Thanks so much! I can never find a good pair of ripped jeans where I live and this tutorial is perfect!


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