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DIY instant sunkissed HOT highlights

DIY instant sunkissed HOT highlights

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Everyone deserves a HOT moment once in a while.

A Hot Oil Treatment for your hair.

Exactly what you were thinking, right?

HOTs are one of the easiest and simplest intensive hair masks. You basically warm up some oil, and in return they make your hair shiny and soft.

And guess what, you can make it even better!

To bring out golden locks in your hair, you can add one magical ingredient. We all know the ‘lemon juice and the sun’-trick. Adding lemon juice to the HOT has the same effect, only faster and better!

DIY highlights lemon

This moisturizing hair mask complements my DIY Balayage Highlights perfectly.

My hair stays soft and shiny for at least a week after. I like to do this every two weeks to keep up the effect. But everyone’s hair is different, you might not need to do it this often.

I use 1 part lemon juice and 2 parts oil in my HOT. You can use whatever oil you like.

Hot Oil Treatment hair mask DIY

My favorites:

  • Olive oil: cheap & convenient
  • Coconut oil: helps fight frizz & extra moisturizing
  • Sesame oil: for shiny hair

Choose your favorite or make your own custom blend.

Make your own DIY hair mask hot oil treatment

Pour them into a heat-proof container, mine is made of glass. Fill a cup or bowl with hot water. A mug is my attribute of choice. Let the oil heat up a bit. It should be (luke)warm, but still feel comfortable when you pour it onto your hand.

Wear a button down shirt or anything you don’t mind getting oil-ified. Distribute the mixture evenly throughout your hair. Put a shower cap over it and wrap a towel around your head. I like to pour the warm water from my mug over the towel first.

Time to cocoon. Sit back and relax and let the oils and lemon juice do their work. Go do whatever you feel comfortable doing wearing a towel on your head. Watch a movie, take a nap, go shopping… the choice is yours.

Leave it in for as long as you can. I like to leave it in for at least one hour. When you’re ready, wash your hair as you normally would. You might have to use a little more shampoo or you can add sea salt to it to help remove all of the oils.

Enjoy your kitten paw soft hair!





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