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My Daily Acne-busting Skincare Routine

My Daily Acne-busting Skincare Routine

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I’ve been experiencing a first world skin problem lately: the fancy foundations I’ve been buying have been sitting on their shelf.

I love my new found skincare routine so much because it works for both oily and dry skintypes. My skin is both. And not just your classic oily T-zone, dry cheeks situation. I get dry patches between my eyebrows and on my chin. Very convenient. In addition, I always have a few spots spread all over my face. When one disappears, another one seems to pop up.

Since a couple of months I’ve used this exact routine every day. My skin has never been this clear in my life. Unless maybe when I was a baby.

My Step-by-Step Daily Skincare Routine

1. Removing my makeup: Miccelar water

Bioderma sensibioMicce-what?

This divine makeup remover is more commonly known under the name Bioderma. This French pharmacy brand was supposedly the first to bring out a cleansing product based on miccelar water.

Finally drugstore brands jumped on the bandwagon, and now Nivea, Garnier and the likes are bringing out their own versions. If you can score a good deal, I would stick to pharmacy brands. They won’t use any fragrances or additives to attract female buyers; all things your skin actually doesn’t need.

2. The best cleanser I’ve ever used

DIY Angels on bare skinIt’s sooo easy to make your own cleansing grains. Just give it a try, your skin will be happy with a little break…

It’s the most balancing cleanser I’ve ever used, keeping my skin both moisturized and matte. The grains scrub lightly, revealing super soft skin.

3.Time for toner: blossom water

witch hazel best toner

Blossom waters treat your skin with the respect it deserves. They balance and all have their own pluses. The best blossom waters are the ones with only one ingredient: the actual blossom water. There are lots of blossom waters you can choose from, here’s a little 101 crash course:

For all skin types: Rose water

For acneic skin: Witch hazel or Lavender water

For dry & sensitive skin: Orange blossom water

4. A moisturizing acne cream

effaclar duo

I could write love songs about La Roche Posay’s Effaclar duo.

I thought this would be way to aggressive for my skin and my kind of spots. But it’s actually the best acne cream I’ve ever tried! It keeps your skin nice and moisturized and at the same time it stays matte all day.

I use it every morning and evening. You can mix it in with your favorite moisturizer if you want to. And it actually makes a pretty good primer as well!

The word routine is key in any type of skin care. The idea of trying out different products every week might seem great when bloggers do it, but it takes a big toll on your skin, having to re-adjust every single time to new ingredients.

Enjoy your beautiful acne-free skin!



Great DIYs for gorgeous skin:

Moisturizer/cleanser {similar to Lush Ultrabland}

My DIY balancing, acne-busting serum

Do you have your own acne-busting wonder tricks?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.