DIY Scalloped Jeans Shorts

My closet was in need of some spring cleaning. So I got my scissors out and worked my way from the bottom up. Starting with: pants!

I have so many jeans that I just never wear. It was time to turn them into some summer ready shorts.

DIY Jeans shorts ideas

The scalloped jeans short was by far the easiest, and at the same time it’s one of my favorites.

Imagine the tan lines when you fall asleep wearing these, hehe.

How to make Scalloped Jeans Shorts:

DIY scalloped jeans shorts

Use a round object as a stencil for your scallops. I used the lid of an empty jar. I marked how high I wanted the scallops to come. That way they’re all even.


Start drawing your scallops. If you can, don’t use permanent marker. That way you don’t have to worry about cutting all the marks off.

DIY scalloped jeans short cut

It’s time to cut them out!


That’s really it.
Enjoy your beautifully scalloped legs!


DIY Scalloped jeans shorts

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  2. Jen 4 June 2014 at 13:02

    Cool !! nice trick .

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