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DIY ‘Make me Shine’ and ‘Bronze me Beautiful’ Lotion Bars

DIY ‘Make me Shine’ and ‘Bronze me Beautiful’ Lotion Bars

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I’ve found a new area to spring clean: my make up collection.

I have a lot of broken and unwanted eye shadows that take up precious space. Space I could fill with new pretty make up!

With all of this broken goodiness, I made 2 types of lotion bars. ‘Bronze me Beautiful’-bars for a sunkissed look, and ‘Make me Shine’-bars for a hint of glitter on a summer night…

DUPE LUSH Glitter Lotion Bars - Shimmy Shimmy & black Stockings | A DIY by The Makeup Dummy

What you’ll need:

  • 1 part Shea butter
  • 3 parts Cocoa butter
  • Eye shadow, Bronzer or Highlighting Powders (or Mica!)

If you’re all about the glitter and less about the lotion, or you just live somewhere really really hot, use more cocoa butter. And vice versa, obvi.

Bronzing lotion bars

Melt your butters over a heat source. You can use a double boiler or my new favorite method: over a candle! I used 6 tbsp. of Cocoa Butter and 2 tbsp. of Shea Butter to make two ‘Make me Shine’-stars.

Now, stir in your powders. I used bronzer and a brown glitter-y eye shadow for the bronzing lotion bars. And I used a highlighter and more silver/gold glitter-y eye shadow for my ‘Make me Shine’-bars. Don’t go easy on the powder. The bars can take a punch before the glitter shows up on your skin.

Enjoy your glowing skin!

Sharing is caring!

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