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Easy DIY | Laptop Tray – Keep your laptop (and legs!) comfy

Easy DIY | Laptop Tray – Keep your laptop (and legs!) comfy

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I don’t always go on Pinterest. But when I do it’s for several hours straight.

And usually my laptop is on my lap the whole time. Not a very comfortable position for my laptop nor my legs!

That’s why I decided to build my own laptop tray, so now I have my own ‘lap desk’.

DIY lap desk

What you’ll need:

  • a wooden board – I have an 11 inch laptop, so I used the top of a wooden wine box. It’s lightweight and exactly the right length!
  • a pillow (and a pillowcase)
  • pretty paint
  • silicone glue (or some other heavy duty glue)

tutorial laptop desk tray

What to do:

1. Sand down the wooden board and paint it in a pretty color

I made a chevron pattern with some masking tape. Just give your board a first coat of paint, wait for it dry and tape on a pretty design. Paint the whole thing in a different color. Wait for it to dry. Carefully take off the tape and behold your masterpiece!

sand downpaint your board

2. Glue your board to your pillow

You can use an old existing pillow. Or you can make your own pillow case out of a pretty fabric, like I did. It’s a really easy sewing project for beginners. Or you can even just use glue.

diy laptop tray

That is it! I’m not kidding.

Your legs will thank you! Enjoy!

Let me know what you think!

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