New and Improved DIY smartphone flipcase: teaser

I’m a nineties chick.

I still remember the first day we had internet.

And how it went ‘skawee reweert’.

And how after one hour someone always yelled:”get off the internet, I need to use the phone.”

If you had told me then my whole life would be on a cell phone, I would have written a sarcastic status update about it on MSN Messenger.

But as you get older, apparently you also get more prone to trends. And now I have my smartphone with me everywhere I go.

A lot of my clothes don’t have pockets, as I choice them based on ‘pretiness’ rather than practicality. With this DIY smartphone flipcase I have all my things in one place. There’s room for some cash, your credit cards and off course your phone. If you attach a key chain to it, you don’t need anything else. And a lipstickholder, that would be neat.

Here you find the easy version of my DIY smartphone flipcase.

An updated version is coming soon!

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  1. Marina 27 April 2016 at 16:17

    Justo lo que buscaba, muchisimas gracias


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