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3 Alternative Ways To Use Eye Drops

There’s a new must-have in your travel make-up bag from now on: redness relief eye drops. Initially it’s used to take away redness in your eyes to make you look more awake. Kind of the same effect as white eye liner on your waterline, but without the sixties retro glam-effect.

Here are three nifty purposes you might not have heard about before!redness

1. Get rid of dark under eye circles

We’re staying in the eye-region, but this time it’s for a different sign of fatigue. Dabbing a drop of the solution with your finger on your dark circles really helps make the area less blue-ish.

Every time I do this I barely need concealer after. The product narrows the veins, just like in your eyes, making them less visible. This is a quick emergency trick. This product was not made to do this, so only use it on that special occasion.

2. Take away redness from a pimple

Turn your eye drops into an instant zit zapper. Downsize a bright red spot by dabbing on a drop of these drops. And watch that pimple volcano melt.

3. Make dried up mascara like new

Let a few drops fall down the mascara tube. It’ll make dried mascara liquid again! I prefer to use the solution I keep my lenses in. It’s cheaper and has the same effect!

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Wednesday 22nd of February 2017

Hi, I'm loving all the DIYs in your blog but I just want to say that redness reliving eye drops are TERRIBLE for your eyes. They mess with the blood vessels in your eyes and ultimately make your eyes more red in the long run. I work in ophthalmology and this is something we constantly remind patients :)

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