No more cake face! With one simple trick

I love cake. When it’s made with sugar and chocolate, and tastes like little bites of heaven.

I don’t like my face to look like it’s caked.

No matter how many blogposts I read or You Tube videos I watched, I never got the no cake face thing down.

Untill I tried this sneaky trick: mixing in aloe vera gel with my foundation.

No more cake face foundation

The consistency becomes more like a serum or gel.

I had heard about aloe vera gel being a great dupe for primer. So I decided to buy my own 500 ml tube. Great was my disappointment when I noticed that it didn’t work for me. Again.

So, I decided to just mix it straight in with my foundation. Don’t ask me why.

Since then I’ve used up the entire bottle. And I’ve moved on to my very own aloe vera plant!aloe vera

Aloe vera gel is great for your skin, and this why:

  • It moisturizes your skin
  • And keeps it matte at the same time
  • It literally glues your pores shut (not in a scary way as I probably just made it sound)
  • And it’s a natural remedy against pimples

Enjoy your cake free face!

no cake foundationsignature2

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