How to: depot solid perfumes

Sometimes things are only good in theory. Like solid perfumes.

They are concentrated, compact, easy to carry around and smell nice. Perfection you with think.

Until you apply it.

depot solid perfumes

With (hopefully clean) fingers you go into the container, rub the solid perfume and hope for it melt. If you’re lucky half of the solution eventually rubs off onto your skin.

Usually my fingers end up smelling nicer than my neck.

I remembered there is another beauty product that faces similar problems. Lipbalm.

So, in my head it makes perfect sense to depot solid perfume into used up libalm twist up containers!

What you’ll need:

– a candle

– your solid perfume

– a pair of tweezers or something similar

– an empty twist up lipbalmcontainer or an empty lipstick

– some patience

I’ve tried different depotting methods, but I found that this one works best.

You can only do this with metal containers! If it’s in a plastic cup, scoop the product out and use a spoon to melt the perfume in.


Hold the metal container (or spoon) over a lit candle.

I would really recommend using tweezers or something similar to hold the container, because it can get very hot!

Now, all you have to do is wait for the perfume to melt!


As soon as the substance has become more or less liquid, you can pour it into your twist up.

Wait for it to solidify and your work is done!

Make a label for your new solid perfume stick to make sure you or your loved ones don’t accidently put perfume on their lips. Trust me, it happens!

Enjoy your new, very handy ‘lipstick perfume’!

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