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How to depot solid perfume

How to depot solid perfume

With this easy technique you can turn that small annoying pot of solid perfume into an easy twist up balm. Find out how to depot scented perfume containers and turn your favorite solid perfume from high end brands like LUSH, Estee Lauder and Dior into an easy to apply balm that glides unto your skin.

Sometimes things are only good in theory. Like solid perfumes.

They are concentrated, compact, easy to carry around and smell nice. Perfection you would think.

Until you apply it.

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With (hopefully clean) fingers you go into the container, rub the solid perfume and hope for it melt. If you’re lucky half of the solution eventually rubs off onto your skin.

And you might want to clip your finger nails first, because half of the balm might just end up underneath your finger nails. Sound familiar?

Usually my fingers end up smelling nicer than my neck.

I remembered there is another beauty product that faces similar problems. Lip balm.

So, in my head it makes perfect sense to depot solid perfume into lip balm twist up tubes!

You can easily find cheap empty lip balm containers online. You can also re-use used up lip balms or lip stick containers, but I’ve found that they’re very hard to clean.

If you do decide to re-use an old container, make sure to thoroughly clean and sterilize the containers. I have a guide on how I clean my beauty containers here, but I don’t recommend using hot water as the plastic lip balms might melt.

How I depot solid perfume:

What I use:

– a candle

– solid perfume in a metal container

– a pair of tweezers or something similar

– an empty twist up lip balm or lipstick container

– some patience

I’ve tried different ‘depotting’ methods, but I found that this one works best.

You can only do this with metal containers! If the scented perfume comes in a plastic pot, scoop as much of the product out as possible with a spoon and use the spoon to melt the perfume in.

How to depot solid perfum easily at home and turn those pots into easy and cheap twist up scented balms. #diybeautyhack

Hold the metal container (or spoon) over a lit candle. Use caution when you do this!

I would really recommend using tweezers or something similar to hold the container, because it can get very hot. Don’t hold the spoon or container too close to the candle as the bottom might turn black.

Now, all you have to do is wait for the perfume to melt.

As soon as the substance has become more or less liquid, you can pour it into your twist up lip balm container.

Wait for it to solidify and your work is done.

If the tweezer method somehow isn’t working for you, I recommend to scoop the balm out of the container as much as possible and melt it using the double boiler method (how you would melt chocolate) or hold a spoon above the candle.

Make a cute label for your new solid perfume stick.

Just to make sure you or your loved ones don’t accidentally put perfume on their lips. Trust me, it happens!

Enjoy your new, very handy ‘stick perfume’!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.