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DIY Eye makeup remover pads

DIY Eye makeup remover pads

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Whenever I run out of my favourite make up remover, I use an oil.

You might think, why would you want to put oils on your face?

But it’s actually pure beauty science. Oils dissolve oils, and makeup contains lots of those.

I’ve tried different ones over time, from jojoba to plain old olive oil, but none of them are as moisturizing and replenishing as coconut oil. AND coconut oil not only strengthens your eyelashes, but it also thickens and lengthens them!

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As I was scooping the coconut oil out of the container onto my pad, I figured there should be an easier way to do is. Aka a method that gives me more time in the evening to let me watch my favourite series and sit around doing nothing.

If the pads were somehow pre-soaked with the oil, I could just pick one up and slide it over my eye. Easy peasy. And that’s how this stroke of genius hit me (please, get the sarcasm).

How To Make Eye Makeup Remover Pads:

What you’ll need:

– a fancy candle

– a spoon of some sorts

– lovely fluffy cotton pads

– coconut oil

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1. Melt your coconut oil over a heat source, like a candle.

There is no need to use any double boiler methods or anything like that. You actually don’t want your oil to get too hot, just completely melted.

How to make your own eye makeup remover pads with just one easy common household ingredient: coconut oil!

2. Pour a small amount on each pad.

Use enough so the pad looks saturated, but don’t use too much, so it looks like a greasy mess. I used one tablespoon of oil for about 2 to 3 pads.

3. Wait for the oil to solidify.

Once that’s happenend, put them in a sweet little container for further use! These are great as emergency makeup remover pads on the go.

You can make your make up remover more fancy by adding in a drop of vitamin E or another oil like sweet almond before you pour your melted coconut oil onto your pad.

I like to stick to my eyes when I use oils. In the blogosphere oils are either called a wonder product to get rid of acne, or are said to be the main cause of breakouts. Knowing my skin, I usually belong to the latter. That’s why I’d rather not test it out and see. But feel free!

This only works with coconut oil, since it’s the only oil that somewhat solidifies at room temperature. If you live in a hot climate, I would recommend keeping your pads in the fridge!

Any other oil will just get absorbed by the pad, leaving you with very expensive, useless cotton pads. If you don’t want to use coconut oil on your face (or are allergic to it), you can use olive oil (for convenience), jojoba oil (balancing for oily eyelids) or castor oil (reported least break outs). I put a few drops on my fingertips and gently massage my eye area. Then I sweep off the makeup with a clean cotton pad.

Up for something a little bit more of a challenge? Try my DIY cleanser with Lush’s Ultrabland recipe.

Happy makeup removing everyone!

Sharing is caring!

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